Liam Taylor

Uganda-based journalism


I am a freelance journalist based in Kampala, Uganda, since January 2016. I have also reported from Rwanda, Kenya, Zambia, Malawi, South Africa, Tanzania, Togo, Senegal and Ghana.

I have previously worked as a teacher in London and China, and spent three months at The Economist as an intern in the finance and economics section.

The blog pieces on this site serve two purposes: to clarify my thoughts, and to improve my writing. I hope to write about a range of topics, but my main focus will be African politics and development. I will also post reviews of some of the books I read, even if the books are old ones. These blog pieces are not intended for publication, and may be of interest to no-one other than me.

In addition, the ‘journalism’ page gives links to my published articles. These are generally of a higher standard than the blog pieces and – I hope – are of more interest to the outside world.

I tweet occasionally at @liamtaylor100.


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